We provide a full suite of Foundation and Legacy services to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the debt and equity capital markets. From trustee and agency services to escrow, document custody and depositary receipts, we are proud to offer a wide range of services to facilitate the successful achievement of our client’s financial objectives. Our experienced indepedent advisors ensure that each component of our service offering is effectively coordinated to ensure a smooth and efficient process. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to ensure the success of our client’s investments.

Our foundation and legacy services ensure the proper, secure, and timely administration of bonds, securities, and other financial instruments. As the bond trustee, we are the custodian of security documents and ensure that all payments, interest, and principal are properly distributed to the bondholders. As the issuer’s agent, we ensure that all payment obligations are met timely, as per the terms and conditions of the bond agreement.

Our agency services provide a comprehensive solution for issuers and investors across the debt capital market. We act as a liaison between the issuer and purchaser, ensuring that all payment obligations are met and that all necessary documents are properly executed. Our agency services also provide a safe, secure, and timely processing of all transactions, and our team is available to provide advice and assistance to ensure the successful completion of all transactions.

Our escrow services provide a secure and trusted means of conducting transactions. As an independent third-party, we are entrusted to hold assets or money while they are in transit and until they are released after the completion of a transaction. Our document custody services provide secure and safe storage of financial instruments, ensuring that all documents are properly safeguarded. We also offer depositary receipts, which are used by foreign issuers to make their securities available to U.S. investors.

Finally, our trusted independent advisers provide foundation and legacy services, guidance and support throughout the entire process, ensuring that all services provided are coordinated to meet the needs of our clients and their financial goals.

What Sets Us Apart

legacy services

Creating Tailored Estate and Trust Plans to Accommodate Clients' Needs

We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and desires, so that we can create an estate plan and trust that reflects their wishes and protects their interests.

legacy services in Singapore

Expert Tax and Legal Consultation

We provide clients with access to sophisticated tax and legal advice, enabling them to make financially efficient management decisions about their endowment, estate, or foundation.

Estate Planning Services

Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

We offer comprehensive services, including preparing and executing relevant estate planning documents, as well as advising on all matters related to estate planning and trust administration, including tax and investment planning.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology and Legal Resources

We use cutting-edge technology and the latest legal resources to create sophisticated estate plans and trusts that address our clients’ needs.

Trust Planning

Tax-Deferred Estate and Trust Planning

Our independent estate planning professionals provide can provide clients with tax-deferred growth options, allowing them to take advantage of long-term capital gains while minimizing the impact of short-term capital gains taxes.

Simplified Account Management

Simplified Account Management

We offer clients the ability to manage their multi-form estates and foundations from a single account.



Our independent estate advisors provide clarity and certainty to our clients’ estate plans so they don’t need to go through a costly, time-consuming multi-jurisdictional probate process.

Legally Sound Estate Distribution

Legally Sound Estate Distribution

We offer clients a peace of mind that all assets held in the estate or trust are disbursed in a manner that is consistent with their wishes and in compliance and accordance with the relevant legal and cross-jurisdictional statutes.

Resolution Team For Legacy Services

Experienced Dispute Resolution Team For Legacy Services

We have the experience and resources to help clients navigate potential conflicts among family members, such as disputes over inheritance.

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