Sustainable financing and ESG financing models are an increasingly popular and necessary form of financial management. These models are designed to finance projects that promote and prioritize environmental, social and corporate governance objectives. Through this focused attention on ESG factors, sustainable finance has the potential to catalyze economies towards a more sustainable and equitable future while also reducing risk and maximizing financial returns.

At its core, sustainable financing involves strategic investment in companies that have strong environmental, social and governance practices in place. These investments can be in the form of direct investments, investments in specialized funds or the purchase of debt securities such as green bonds and asset-backed securities. Sustainable finance can also be used to fund projects that are directly linked to ESG goals, such as renewable energy projects, energy efficiency projects, food and water security initiatives, and those that promote gender equity.

We rely on sustainable financing and ESG financing models to reduce our clients’ exposire risk. For example, investing in companies with strong ESG practices can provide superior corporate governance, enhanced transparency, and improved financial performance which in turn can help to reduce financial risk and maximize returns. Additionally, by investing in green bonds and asset-back securities, our clients can benefit from the low-risk nature of these instruments while also helping to finance projects that are in line with their environmental and social goals.

Sustainable financing and ESG models can be used to attract new sources of capital and to catalyze the development of the global financial system. The growing awareness of the importance of ESG factors and their potential to drive sustainable economic growth has opened the door to increased investment in companies and projects that are based on sustainable principles. This influx of capital can help to create a more equitable and sustainable economy, while also creating incentives for companies to create better environmental and social practices.

What Sets Us Apart


Sensible ESG Investing Strategies

ESG and sustainable investments have long-term, positive impacts on financial performance. Our ESG and sustainable investments projects have delivered comparable or better returns than traditional investments.


Networking and Connections with Capital Intermediaries

Our platform provides access to a larger pool of capital by connecting lenders, borrowers, and capital intermediaries with ESG and sustainable financing opportunities.


Transparent ESG Investment Strategies

We offer the highest level of transparency for our clients, providing them with detailed reports on their investments. This level of transparency is critical for investors looking to make informed decisions about their ESG investments.

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Extensive Experience in ESG Investing

Our ESG investment model, based on our RARO Framework, has a proven track record of success. This risk-adjustment model includes portfolio rebalancing and diversification, as well as considering factors such as size, industry, sector, geographic region, and ESG. Through this approach, we are able to exploit opportunities and leverage their respective ESG characteristics to the benefit of our clients.

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Real-Time Data Analytics

The ESG RARO driven investment model allows for full transparency and faster and more efficient decision-making, allowing clients to monitor and rebalance their portfolio in real time.

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Opportunities and Rewards for ESG-Focused Clients

Clients that prioritize ESG and sustainability are better positioned to adapt to changing market conditions and respond to customer demands or technological advances, which can help reduce the risk of financial losses.

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Corporate Reputation

Our ESG and sustainable investments enhance corporate reputation by demonstrating a commitment to responsible business practices, which can reduce the risk of reputational damage.

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Responsible and Ethical Investing

Our sustainable financing framework helps clients to invest in projects that are fully compliant with ESG standards and are ethically in line with our clients’ guiding principles.

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Sustainable Initiatives to Facilitate Positive Social Change

Broader Policy Impact: ESG and sustainable investments provide a vehicle for driving positive change in the policy arena.

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