Securities-Backed Financing solutions are increasing in popularity with UHNW and corporate clients. Global corporations and other organizations that are investing across international markets must remain cognizant of the dynamic legislative environment, as well as alterations to market frameworks and the emergence of novel technology solutions. Such entities require particular solutions, including securities-backed financing that concentrate on their individual post-trade objectives and determinative data that enables them to augment their effectiveness and actions.

Financial intermediaries for securities financing, such as global depositories, broker-dealers, buy-side firms, and other institutional customers, have to focus on achieving their corporate objectives, while concurrently making sure their continued adherence to regulatory stipulations and abatement of costs associated with capital and funding requirements, as well as optimizing their operational efficiency.

Notwithstanding, we proffer securities subsidization and liquidity facilities in over forty cosmopolitan markets custom-made to their particular qualifications, exploiting our digital and scientific data tools.

Our recourse and non-recourse securities lending platforms provide clients efficient and convenient methods for leveraging their portfolios to channel on-demand access to liquidity. Our securities lending solution and global custodians provide clients with the benefit of capitalizing on potential investment opportunities while simultaneously mitigating potential risks associated with liquidity fluctuations in global markets. By leveraging our sophisticated legal framework and comprehensive risk management capabilities, clients can rest assured that their assets are effectively and efficiently managed in a manner that is compliant with applicable regulatory requirements

What Sets Us Apart

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Reputable, Secure and Efficient Global Custodians

Access to reputable global custodians that provide a secure and efficient way to leverage and manage assets internationally, ensuring that your financial investments are properly secured and protected.

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Variable Asset Allocation and Risk Mitigation Strategies

We offer a comprehensive suite of advanced asset allocation strategies designed to maximize returns and minimize portfolio volatility.

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Competitive Financing Rates

Our securities lending rates are the most competitive in the industry owing to our analysts' extensive risk mitigation strategies that protect against market fluctuations.

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Market Expertise and Fluidity

We have deep understanding of the market forces and use of carefully crafted algorithms to anticipate changes in the markets, allowing us to adjust our lending rates accordingly.

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Optimal Risk Mitigation Through Quantitative Modeling

The Value at Risk (VaR) model helps our securities lending clients by providing a quick and accurate way to measure their risk exposure and the potential losses associated with their portfolios. This model ensures that clients are aware of their financial risk and can take proactive steps to manage and minimize their losses.

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Privacy and Confidentiality

Our global custodians employ the latest technologies in data security to ensure the highest levels of confidentiality and integrity of client information.

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Adherence to Regulatory Protocols: Ethically-Sound Decision Making

Our company and our global custodians take extensive precautions to ensure our investors are protected. Our risk analysts have created an extensive compliance program that adheres to all necessary laws and regulations. This compliance regimen provides thorough oversight of our custodians and helps to ensure that all of our investors are secure

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Creative Securities Financing Solutions

Our team of experienced financial advisors is dedicated to providing innovative and tailored financial solutions to its clients that leverage the latest cutting-edge technologies.

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