Our independently licensed Debt Capital Markets consultants offer clients a comprehensive range of Financial Services in Singapore from debt origination and structuring to syndication and loan portfolio products. Our experts manage new issuances, encompassing investment grade debt, high yield, loan capital markets and private placements for corporate, financial institution, sovereign and agency clients. Our vast leveraged finance offerings, which include senior, mezzanine and high yield transactions, are available in major financial markets around the world.

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Debt Origination

We offer debt origination services to facilitate the funding of our clients’ capital needs. Our services include debt assessment, capital structure analysis, and negotiation assistance.

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We are a full-service debt capital market firm and provide debt structuring services to help our clients leverage their assets and reach their goals. Our services include creating structured products, sourcing appropriate financing, and structuring the capital structure to maximize returns.

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Our syndication services help our clients manage the process of selling debt securities. We provide help with selecting suitable debt instruments and pricing, as well as assistance with negotiating terms with potential investors and managing the syndication process.

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Debt Issuance

We help our clients navigate the process of issuing debt securities. We provide services such as identifying suitable debt instruments, pricing them appropriately, and helping with the regulatory and compliance framework.

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Loan Portfolio Management

We offer a complete portfolio management service to help our clients manage their loan portfolios. Our services include portfolio analysis, monitoring loan performance, and making recommendations on loan restructuring.

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High Yield Bonds

We provide services to assist our clients in navigating the high yield bond market. Our services include evaluation and pricing of high yield bonds, underwriting, and facilitating the syndication of high yield bonds.

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Leveraged Financing

We offer leveraged financial services in Singapore and other parts of the world to help our clients access capital quickly at an advantageous rate. Our services include creating a comprehensive capital structure, sourcing debt and equity financing, and designing and executing a financial plan.

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Risk Management

We provide advisory services to help our clients manage and mitigate their financial risk. Our services include risk assessment, derivative hedging, and cash management.

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Treasury Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of treasury products and services to help our clients manage their treasury operations. Our services include liquidity management, currency hedging, and working capital optimization.

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Global Capital Markets Services

We provide a broad range of global capital markets services, including debt underwriting, equity underwriting, and mergers and acquisitions. We also provide advice on capital structure, financial modeling and valuation, and debt ratings. These are all our financial services in Singapore.

Astor Wealth Group Ltd is a subsidiary of Astor Capital Fund Ltd, a Money Service Business (MSB) licensed by FINTRAC (license No. M21136919). The content and materials on this website should not be interpreted as marketing material and do not constitute a solicitation, offer, investment advice, legal advice, tax advice, or any other professional or financial advice. Investing in complex financial instruments carries risk; leveraging investments can amplify volatility and may result in losses. Past performance does not guarantee future results.